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Carl J. Boast Sr.

Technology Service Professional

Carl is a technical writer with the skills to transform complex topics into digestible content for consumer or business audiences. His proficiency in the technology world often leads to establishing a viable social media platform that small companies and nonprofits can boast about. Because of his unique skills and understanding that can be useful in multiple areas, Carl has mastered the skill of learning curves and is able to adapt to the needs of the client. He will be Managing IT solutions for Cerebral Radio. Before joining Cerebral Radio, Carl has spent the last 15 years as System Engineer/Analyst for Government agencies. After a successful career helping agencies, Carl now analyzes and streamlines startups and nonprofits using Technology and Social Media Marketing. In addition to helping non-profits and small businesses, Carl is also President of Advacap Technologies, LLC DBA: Cloud Reliant. 

Caption This..."Transforming Minority Businesses"