ENTFZ: The Truthful Lies Of Depression

May 31, 2018
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Did you know, according to Mental Health America, African Americans are only 20 percent more likely to report serious psychological distress issues than whites? However, we face the hardest time expressing our emotions with family members and friends. Some African Americans simply don’t believe in depression even though they have to face discrimination, profiling, and negative stereotypes at some point in their lifetime if not all their lives.

It may be hard to come to terms with being diagnosed with depression as an African American. However, with the right support and follow through to receiving treatment, inner issues within the black community can finally start to heal. Find out more about depression and your options on BlackDoctor.org.

Please listen to Enter The No Fear Zone (The Truthful Lies Of Depression) on Cerebral Radio at 9:30 AM and our ENCORE performance again at 7:00 PM! Don't be afraid to speak out about depression, I have had my own struggles with depression and I believe that transparency can save us all. Please call 678-919-9973 for more details or if you simply need to talk.


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