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Cerebral Radio is a non-commercial community-based station, with the mission to provoke dialogue in communities whose voices often go unheard. Programs are 50% music and 50% talk.  We use the internet to encourage greater understanding of events, issues, and values that shape and transform the global community. We are inviting you to help in community-building by helping local media.



There are over 24k (and growing) people in CBRTalk's listener database. Underwriting is a unique way for you to connect in a positive and mutually beneficial way. The most significant benefit of underwriting is recognition for your support of CBRTalk's mission and local community media. You also have opportunity to deliver a brand statement, announcement, or specific message on the air.

Through CBRTalk, you connect with listeners who appreciate your community support. You can reach a targeted audience by selecting programs that attract those listeners. Unlike commercial radio, which usually focuses on specific markets, CBRTalk connects with listeners of many demographics.

CBRTalk will also list underwriters on the CBRTalk web site: with a contact number and/or link to the underwriter’s site. 



When you provide underwriting, we make on-air acknowledgments of your support, along with a brief statement you request. Underwriting statements are not considered advertising. Noncommercial underwriting messages MAY contain the following language:

• Name of Underwriter

• Underwriter's address, web site, and phone number

• Brand or trade name of the underwriter's product or event

• Underwriter's product or event

• Underwriter's slogan as long as it's not promotional in a competitive or exclamatory way

• Length of time underwriter has been in business

• Value-neutral description of an event with a date, service or product

It MAY NOT Contain the following language:

• Language that is overtly promotional and competitive in nature

• Comparative or qualitative language; hyperbolic language (“Great...” etc)

• Repetition of information

• First person statements (“I urge you...”

• Any reference or allusion to cost (including “free”), discounts, or sales

• Calls to action (directly telling the listener to do something

• Inducements to buy, sell, or lease

• Pre-produced announcements or music beds. CBRTalk staff will do voicing.


Corporate Underwriting

If you are a corporation interested in sponsorship, you'll enjoy these Cerebral Radio opportunities. 

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to combine good works and good business by becoming a Cerebral Radio CBRTalk underwriter. Your message, presented in the company of the best programs in radio, will make a positive imprint on our audience… your customers, employees, colleagues, friends and neighbors throughout Georgia and target audiences globally.