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Corrected Media Development Program

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Negative images of black males affects every part of our society, from classrooms to jail cells and everything in between. All forms of media play a part in these negative stereotypes, whether it's the Vogue cover of LeBron James holding a white model in a manner consistent with the King Kong portrayal in print, or Birth of A Nation (1915) showing black men as villains and rapists in film.  Cerebral Radio approach is different because of our Corrected Media Development Program; which corrects the narratives of negative stereotypes of black males. We provide podcast startup tools which will untangle young black male perceptions in society, recreating the news reel on how black males in the community are perceived through positive podcast storytelling and writing.

Imagining what the future could be is understanding that we have to invest in our kids. We Mentor our students through media workshops designed to explain the student's own narrative. There are two ways you can support the youth at Cerebral Radio CBRTalk. You can make a tax deductible contribution through fractured atlas or you can enroll in our community rewards program, just visit our affiliated partners page for more details.

Podcasting Workshop [Ages 14+]

 Cerebral Youth Media Podcasting Workshops will allow students to voice daily conversations on topics that matter, where you can make your voice heard and hear the different perspectives of others. Podcasting is a powerful way of communicating your ideas and opinions. Discover how to successfully produce your own podcast by learning setup skills and equipment needs and gaining interviewing and audio editing techniques. This class digs into the range of podcast styles that are popular today. 

Podcasting and Webcasting Audio & Video Essentials [Ages 16+]

Tuesday 4-7PM

Take a deeper dive with your instructors to develop and complete your media projects. These Audio (Podcasting) and Video (Webcasting) labs offer you facilitated access to the tools and expertise you need to make your podcast stand out with a webcast video to stream along with it. Regular attendance in classes and workshops is highly encouraged to get the best results.

Writing Scripts & Short Stories [Open to all Ages]

Wednesday 4-7PM

At the heart of every outstanding body of work is a clear, descriptive, and concise story. Join us and learn how to make your stories come to life on the page by following your narrative’s arc from short stories to script, and finally, a storyboard that allows you to plan your own project  or pitch your idea to to just about anyone. You will learn how to critically develope your story idea.

Student Selects  [Open to all Ages]

Saturday 9-5PM

The student has the opportunity to select a course in this section he is passionate about. We have courses on the history of media, correcting the black male narrative, marketing your content, discussion outreach (marketing). Once the student has amassed all the tools, using their Podcasting skills can be a powerful way of communicating ideas and opinions. Discover how to successfully ducument your own important cause by learning setup skills and equipment needs and gaining interviewing and audio on the fly editing techniques. This class digs into the range of set-up scenarios when on location documenting your favorite cause.

The History of Media: Dealing with Blackface, Sambo, Jim Crow, Aunt Jemimah & Mammy Eras in America and the Effects on Black Men

More information will be added soon.

Correcting The Narrative of Black Men

More information will be added soon.

Marketing Your Content

The student will conduct focus groups with individuals, agencies, schools, and businesses of different races and origins. In these focus groups the student has and will be dispelling myths about the character of black men.

Discussion Outreach (More Marketing)

The students will conduct discussions of racial stereotyping and use their finished product to educate officials most liable for stereotyping like: police officers, teachers, health care providers, and policy makers.

Check back regularly for registration details.

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