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Voices of Atlanta...

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What if this was a role you found yourself in one day? We walk past homeless people everyday of our lives, without stopping to ask questions or even judging them... Well here is an opportunity to hear from a homeless man. Kingsley Amadi plays this role to perfection. Here's a bit of method acting for you. Hope you enjoy and learn something from it.



Black Art Matters - Jeremiah is an artist in Minneapolis. After some of the recent high-profile police shootings, he decided to create a mural with a group of artists—using art to elevate the conversation.


3rd World In AMERICA: - One million people live in poor, unincorporated settlements, called "colonias," on the US side of the Mexico border. Despite government aid, living conditions in colonias are close to those in third-world countries. We visited colonias in Texas to explore the issues these communities are facing.



I AM GEORGE JULIUS STINNEY JR.- George Stinneywas 14-years-old at the time of his execution in 1944. 70 years ago, in the small town of Alcolu, South Carolina, the young boy was killed via means of electrocution. Stinney was so small that he had to sit on a stack of books in order to fit on the electric chair.



Cerebral Radio CBRTalk CEO & Co-Founder 

"When I was in the 11th grade an African American female teacher proudly proclaimed African American men were 'lazy and incapable of learning', I promised myself one day I would prove her wrong." (CEO/CO-Founder Cerebral Radio CBRTalk)

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