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May 15, 2018



Cerebral Radio Joins Pacifica Radio Network!

Cerebral Radio CBRTalk is excited to announce that we are now an affiliate of the Pacifica Network! 

Pacifica’s tradition of unhampered access to the airwaves will allow Cerebral Radio to play a uniquely focal role in American media. Pacifica has broken pivotal news stories and brought issues and artists to the spotlight that may have been overlooked.

Pacifica broadcast via satellite and Internet and has one of the most extensive and important sound archives in the world. With a network of approximately 200 affiliate stations, Pacifica  energizes independent community radio through collaboration, interactivity and program exchange throughout the network.

In addition to being a subsidiary of the Pacifica Network , Cerebral Radio has increased audience reach through content exchange and partnership alliances like: Public Radio Exchange (PRX), Tune In, Fractured Atlas, Nobex Partners, and of course Stream Licensing.



Our Fiscal Sponsor

Fiscal sponsorship is a fundraising tool that extends some of the benefits of a 501(c)(3) organization's nonprofit status to another organization. The fiscal sponsorship program provides opportunities for organizations to apply for grants, solicit tax-­deductible contributions from individuals and organizations, and enjoy certain benefits normally afforded to nonprofit organizations with their own 501(c)(3) status.

We would like to thank Fractured Atlas for it's continued support to the mission of Cerebral Radio CBRTalk.










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