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Remembering Mother

Words to live by said to me by my dear, sweet mom who made her transition on November 14, 2017. As I reflect on these words of wisdom this Mother's Day 2019; nothing could be more profound and I just wanted to share it with you. I've experienced personally that there can be much danger in a false narrative; alternative facts especially when you're the one your mind is lying to. Everytime I find myself drifting into fantasyland I hear her sweet, soft voice bring me back to clarity; "Don't lie to yourself; you can lie to me but don't lie to yourself!" After writing this blog I went online to find images and couldn't believe how many quotes are out there but this is my real story, Mother said to me. 

I've discovered that the fog, the cloud, fantasyland is a real place and please believe once I woke up I couldn't believe the time I spent in suspension. My mom knew this and I can tell you I have never known a more real person. Unfortunately for her; my Mom's pathology created this laser focus but we as her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends and loved ones benefitted from her ephipanies. I loved to call her for advice or just to talk about life she would listen so carefully and just hit me with the doggone truth when and where needed. There it is back to reality and boom I'm back in the game! I remember one time I told her this visceral experience I had with an ex and ya'll I was all caught up in my feelings, the ugly cry, oh I was all in it..she listened to the whole story and came with the realness again "be glad it happened the way it did." Ya'll I remember the wrinkle that formed in my brow as I tilted my head to help me to say, "huh?" it took me months...then I got it! I'm laughing right now as I write this and this isn't all oh she had the Florineism's now and I don't mind sharing with you; "You Can Do It", "God Is In Control ", it seemed the more visceral the story the more intense and focused her wisdom became. The Prayer of Serenity was her #1 mantra and is engraved on her beautiful headstone and she even shortened that prayer if she really wanted me to get out of the dilemma by sayin; "the first thing you have to do is Accept It." Lord how precious are these words today and I would give anything to hear her voice right now; however, I'm grateful for having her 55 years of my life. I'll take it; she did her job.

I'll end this blog with a poem I wrote for her 16 years ago...

The Prodigal Son's Mother
If there was ever such a story to be told
You would be the prodigal son's mother
With open arms you come to meet me
When the world is dark and cold
The table is always set
"Remember you can always come home"
Words I shall never forget
Although time and time again I went astray
Because of your love and prayers I'm a living testimony today
Glory to God Mother you are simply the best
Your price is far above rubies
Your children arise up and call you blessed!