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Fathers Day Dedication

I've often heard Fathers that I know say to me that they don't feel as celebrated on Father's Day as Mothers are for Mother's Day my usual response is to just to nod my head as to understand but dare not agree. Well for all the Fathers that have spoken this to me I decided to start early this week to begin an extended dedication to salute our Great Fathers out here on the world wide web. The first song that came to me is Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross which is a tear- jerker for me but so sweet and endearing. 

The next video is so adorable it has gone viral and I'm sure most of you may have already seen this but it's a wonderful image for us to see this Father and his baby son having a conversation. 

Please tune into our playlist this Sunday, June 16th which will be streaming on General rotation in between regular programming. We will be playing songs and speeches in honor of Father's Day.