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Cerebral Radio/CBRTalk Featuring NASS Radical Sports

On this week’s edition of Not Another Sports Show,, a Radical Look at the World of Sports:

  • Our reflections on how things have changed over the last decade of doing broadcasts
  • The NFL’s atrocious handling of domestic violence and what their member teams apparently think of the fans
  • Taking a closer look at the Jan. 7 national football championship game between Clemson and Alabama
  • Supporting solidarity with Maori Davenport
  • The IOC’s tone deaf look at 2018 and what’s coming
  • Pushback in Italy to using sporting events to whitewash Saudi authoritarianism
  • Friend of the show Shireen Ahmed’s petition to demand FIFA and the AFC protect players in Afghanistan’s women’s national soccer team from abuses
  • Our positive news of the week – out fighter Amanda Nunes’ UFC title win