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Legal notices

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Pacifica Foundation Radio 2019-2020 Affiliation Agreement

Broadcast Rights -  On the terms set forth herein, Pacifica grants Affiliate the non-exclusive right to broadcast all programming produced and distributed by Pacifica.

Pacifica Affiliated Services - Pacifica provides affiliate access to the following affiliated services.

A.) KU Program Distribution System - A schedule of audio programs, distributed on Pacifica's KU Satellite Distribution       System;

B.) Audioport. Programs produced by Pacifica Affiliates are available for download on Pacifica's Audioport Site.

C.) Internet Streaming

Cerebral Radio CBRTalk pays licensing fee to Streamlicensing for Royalty use.

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Fiscal sponsorship is a fundraising tool that extends some of the benefits of a 501(c)(3) organization's nonprofit status to another organization. Fractured Atlas fiscal sponsorship program provides opportunities for Cerebral Radio CBRTalk to apply for grants, solicit tax-­deductible contributions from individuals and organizations, and enjoy benefits normally afforded to nonprofit organizations with their own 501(c)(3) status.